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Monday, February 06, 2006

Challenge Your Technical Staff

Is your technical staff becoming bored? Are they being challenged by their work or are they simply being sent to complete the same easy projects over and over? In order to keep your staff happy, you need to make sure that they’re being challenged.

Part of your staff’s time should be spent learning newer technologies and higher-end solutions. When your staff goes to take certification tests, they want to know that they will be able to use their new skills in their daily work.

Advantages for You

Not only does challenging your technical staff keep them happy, but also it helps you grow your business. Offering clients high-end solutions will create more long-term relationships.

Technicians also create relationships with your clients. They enjoy working with the same clients and getting to know them. As long as your technicians are loyal, this experience will make them even more loyal to you and your company.

Learn more about how and why to challenge your technical staff to keep everyone happy (link above).

Added by Joshua Feinberg