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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fast Track Training & Certification for CompTIA RFID

Expertise in RFID is currently in high demand. Companies and individuals with certification can gain a corner on this important market. Offered by RFID World 2006, this new vendor neutral certification can assist IT consultants in gaining the expertise they need on a variety of different software solutions.

With the limited amount of time most consultants have to train and receive certification, the fast track program allows consultants to learn everything they need to be prepared for all their clients' RFID needs.

According to Sanjiv Dua, CEO of RFID4U, "With the usual four days of material, compressed into one jam-packed day of intense training, individuals can benefit from an efficiently delivered program in record-breaking time. This program is recommended for individuals with certain prerequisite skills. Participants in our fast-track training program should have a working knowledge of basic RF fundamentals, tags and various types, readers or Interrogators and standards, as well as current RFID market awareness."

For more on the fast track RFID training, read the complete article (link above).

Added by Joshua Feinberg