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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Hottest New Solutions at RSA

Network Access Control: The Newest Need

The hot topic at this week’s RSA conference is going to be Network Access Control. One of the main threats to corporations is that an employee can take a laptop offsite, log in to the corporate network, and spread a virus. Although it may take a while, companies are going to realize more and more that Network Access Control is an essential for business and VARs should be preparing to meet the need.

Data Recovery: In the Spotlight

After disasters like Hurricane Katrina, providers and retailers alike are more aware of data security and data retrieval issues in all industries. According to Monte Robertson, president of security solution provider Software Security Solutions in Lakewood, Colo, services that use no tapes and provide off-site backup will be in high demand this year.

Preparing For Your Future

To learn more about what the experts are predicting for 2006, read the complete article about what is happening at the RSA convention (link above).

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