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Friday, February 17, 2006

IT Marketing: Multitasking is Key

A successful marketing campaign requires that you use two or more tactics to reach your prospective clients. Multitasking lets you approach prospective clients through several avenues so that you reach a variety of clients in the ways that appeal to them most.


The key to marketing, however, is targeting. Each campaign should have a specific audience in mind. Generic campaigns rarely reach prospective clients, especially not your sweet spot clients. Instead, you should choose an area where you have expertise and let prospects know that you can successfully help them in that area.

Try Numerous Tactics

From postcards to telemarketing to Internet ads, make sure that you try several different avenues to reach prospective clients. Not everyone will read a postcard, but they may respond to a personal call about your services.

Evaluate Your Success

Every quarter you should evaluate the success of your marketing methods. Keep up with how much you spend on each and make sure that you talk to clients about how they found out about your company. Keep the methods that work and dismiss those that didn't.

For more on multitasking when running your marketing campaigns, read the entire article (link above).

Added by Joshua Feinberg