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Monday, February 20, 2006

IT Marketing - Postcard Case Study

Sending out postcards is a common way of promoting your business, but there a few common pitfalls that you need to know - and avoid. Take this case study as an example:

“I’ve sent out over 300 postcards that offered general computer troubleshooting services, automated online data backup and wireless home networks. From a marketing standpoint, I purchased lists of area businesses broken down by revenue, credit rating, years in business and number of PCs. The wireless home networks postcards were sent to homeowners whose homes were purchased for over $500,000, and I sent the automated online data backup postcards to people that had a recent new business license. Meanwhile, the general services list went out to accountants, lawyers, and small clinics.

“So far, I have found the results to be very disappointing. I haven't received a single phone call or response. Are these the wrong lists? Are postcards the wrong media? Do you have any suggestions in this area that may enhance response?

Don't Be Too Hopeful

Think about your marketing strategy realistically. 300 postcards simply isn't a lot. At .60 per postcard, you spent a total of $180. Now, it was probably a good investment, but you can't expect thousands of dollars of business from it. Don't get discouraged, but realize that with such a small sample (1,000 is ideal) you may or may not receive responses.

What Should Your Postcard Include?

What type of copy is on your postcard? Is the headline compelling? Do you present your expertise? Did you provide a deadline by which they should call in or use a coupon? Remember this: they never have to open an envelope so they're sure to see your copy, but it's your job (or your copywriter's job) to make sure that it's compelling.

Learn more on sending postcards and the common pitfalls in the complete article (link above).

Blogged by Joshua Feinberg