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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Offer LAN Services and Exploit the Business Opportunities

LAN Service Contracts are the biggest new thing in the computer consulting industry. More and more companies and individuals are offering them to business owners so that business systems can stay up and running 24/7.

Basically in a LAN service contract, an expert is included in the service contract as part of the basic fee. This expert provides ongoing service or ad hoc repairs for the company at any given time.

The biggest obstacle is that many business owners believe they can simply pull out a screwdriver and fix problems themselves. They try to save money but they end up causing more problems and are forced to pay a higher price in the end.

The best thing you can do for new clients and repeat clients alike is convince them to sign a LAN service contract. They will save money because your expertise will keep them from exacerbating the problem or, perhaps, fixing that problem only to cause another.

To learn more about offering LAN service agreements and the need for them in business, read LAN Services: Exploit The Business Opportunities (link above).

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