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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Slashing Migration Costs

SmartDB Corporation is the leading U.S. company providing professional data application migration tools. Today SmartDB announced that it would be teaming with Wave Consulting Group to feature the SmartDB Workbench in the Wave Conversion Factory. SmartDB considers this to be a low cost, high efficiency alternative to outsourcing overseas.

Two of the primary players in the project speak out about its benefits to both companies and to their customers:

Rodney Joe, Managing Director of Wave Consulting Group: "As this market rapidly grows, we have a great chance to become an invaluable partner to our customers. We can compete with anyone on cost and with the SmartDB Workbench, the quality and speed of our work is excellent."

George Langan, SmartDB CEO: "Time, expense, and risk are characteristics of traditional efforts to navigate the intricacies of complicated data conversions. SmartDB eliminates most of those challenges as it guides users through the conversion process and automates testing and execution."

Discover more information about SmartDB and Wave Consulting Group's plans in the article, SmartDB Corporation Teams with Wave Consulting Group to Slash Migration Costs (link above).

Posted by Joshua Feinberg