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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Software Service Agreements: The Great Unknown

Few consumers know about software service agreements, or if they have heard of them, they’re not quite sure what they do. Both with your own computers and with your clients’ computers, you should always purchase the software service agreements.

Since programs are constantly being updated, having the newest, latest addition is very important to consumers. By purchasing the software service agreement, you are guaranteed to receive all updates and upgrades as long as your agreement is valid.

Since computers are often sold prepackaged with all the software already on the machine, you might as well go ahead and take any extra hassle out of the process as well. By making sure both you and your clients purchase the service agreements, you will have one less hassle to deal with later; plus, you’ll all save money this way.

Learn more about the great unknown of software service agreements by reading the full article (link above).

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