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Thursday, February 09, 2006

VARs: Linksys One May Be Delayed By MCI-Verizon Integration

After all the celebration over the promised fall rollout of Linksys One, a partnership formed between Linksys and MCI before the merger, there is still much concern in the industry about whether the merging company can actually make the deadline.

The Linksys One program will provide VARs with incentives for selling Linksys hardware bundled with hosted VoIP services. Although the incentives could be lucrative for VARs, the details of the program after the merger are still being hammered out.

Skeptics Abound

Most Linksys One partners are skeptical about the program. One source said, "Linksys needs to make the VAR's commitment smooth, with a true sense of 'partnership', and I don't think they are there yet."

Find out more about the Linksys One program in the complete article, VARs: MCI-Verizon Integration Could Delay Linksys One (link above).

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