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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Are You Ready To Grow Your On-Site Computer Repair Business?

When you are considering whether it is time to grow your on-site computer repair business, there are several factors that you should consider. Let's go over the three most important to making this decision.

1. Ability to Delegate

Delegation can be much more difficult than it seems at first. You need to carefully evaluate whether you can give an assignment to another technician and leave him or her alone to complete it.

2. Financial Stability

Adding employees will add extra financial responsibility. You must be able to send out paychecks on time, every time. Many employees will also except to receive health insurance and other benefits (paid vacation, etc.).

3. Reliable Employees

Finding reliable employees can be tough in this business. Most employers give newcomers a trial period and other some type of training to help these new technicians become long-term loyal employees.

Before you jump into expanding your business, carefully consider these three important factors. If you are ready, then make your plans to expand. Learn more in the full article (link above).

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