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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Desktop Client by Red Hat

Watch out for Linux this summer as they introduce their desktop solution for small to midsized businesses. Everyone seems ready to take on Microsoft, and Linux is excited about their prospects in the market.

Although the price hasn't been hammered out yet, the product will most likely need to be purchased for 50 to 75 PCs to make it truly viable. However, most SMB's only want to set it up on one or two computers. Linux took the product to the Intel event to get feedback from resellers and potential clients.

According to Gerry Riveros, product marketing manager for desktop client solutions at Red Hat, "They are telling us we need [channel] programs in place, and they need to have benefits to show them how to sell it to their customers. We’ve got to do the blocking and tackling."

Posted by Computer Consulting 101