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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Diamond's Viper X1900 XTX: Combining Quality and Speed

Diamond Multimedia is an industry leader in creating PC graphics cards. With their new Viper X1900 XTX, they are going above and beyond by combining amazing speed with high-quality graphics. The clock speed for the Viper is 90 nm.

The X1900 also uses Direct X9, bringing three times the shader power to most programs, including games. In addition, it uses a powerful ATI Radeon Chip to make it the most powerful graphics card available.

Diamond offers a guarantee quality on all their cards. For more on their new Viper X1900 XTX, read the article, Diamond's Viper X1900 XTX Combines World's Fastest Consumer 3D Graphics Processor With Top Frame Rates for Best Graphical Detail (link above).

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