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Friday, March 03, 2006

IT Sales: Position Yourself as a Service Provider

When marketing your IT consulting firm, make sure you brand your company in the right way – as a service provider. There are a few questions you want to ask yourself before you begin creating your marketing materials:

1. Does your company name represent your company well?

2. What does your tag line say about you?

3. Consider what your logo symbolizes.

Your name, tag line, and logo say a lot about you and your company, and before you print everything up, you want to make sure that these things will properly reach your customers and give them the right impression about you.

Advertise Your Niche

You want to make sure that you advertise your niche when sending out your marketing materials. For example if you work with many dental offices, you might say something like this: "Learn how dental network solutions can help you increase your patient billing by up to 73 percent without increasing your payroll. Call for our free report today."

Certifications and Products?

Don't talk about them. It's not that they're not important, but the benefits to the customers are more important than your features. You always want to talk about the customer and what you can offer them instead of how great you are. Remember you are selling services not just computers, so make sure your name and materials let the customer know that you are involved in a variety of services for their company (link to full article above).

Posted by Joshua Feinberg