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Monday, March 06, 2006

IT Sales – Sell Knowledge Not Commodities

The biggest mistake that new business owners make is that they sell based on product and price rather than on knowledge. You need to add value to your services since most other companies can sell the same product that you can sell. Instead, you want people to buy you incorporated.

Experience Wins

If you have experience to do many of the hard things that confuse others in the industry, then this can be a strong selling point for you. When these companies are in a real jam, they'll need you and without a relationship, they know it will cost them.

Your knowledge and expertise makes you stand out above the crowd. Companies will no longer be as concerned about price, so they are more willing to pay more and you can increase your margins.

When you are creating marketing materials, always remember that you are selling yourself, not your products or price. If some of your materials aren't helping you simply get rid of them and start over selling you incorporated.

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