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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Open-Source SOA Stack Presented by LogicBlaze

LogicBlaze is a young company with big dreams. They are selling their open-source Fuse stack that combines the Apache database, messaging, orchestration and enterprise service bus (ESB) technologies. By removing the licensing fee, their product will be cheaper and more efficient.

Current customers are extremely excited about the possibilities of LogicBlaze's Fuse stack. These companies are finally able to get everything they need without paying an arm and a leg. LogicBlaze plans to work closely with VARs and ISVs to get their stack on the market.

According to backer, Damarillo: "The key advantage of open source is rapid market adoption. The beauty of it is that by the time you build a company around it, the technology has already matured."

Learn more about LogicBlaze's new open-source SOA stack in the article, LogicBlaze Launches Open-Source SOA Stack (link above).

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