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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Partnering: Joining a Formal Partner Program

Formal partnering programs have changed over the years, and many VARs don't even bother with them anymore. To make the best decision, first evaluate what you are doing with your clients and what types of solutions those clients need from you since partnering programs require a significant monetary and time commitment.

Finding Good Programs

If you decide that a partnering program fits with your business model, then you have the job of choosing which programs to participate in. VARBusiness, a trade publication, runs numerous tests and evaluations of programs to help you find the best in the industry.


Now seems to be a good time to get involved if you do plan to join a formal partnering program. With numerous companies fighting to add VARs globally, you have the upper hand when making choices and bargaining.

Learn more about partnering in the complete article (link above).

Submitted by Joshua Feinberg