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Friday, March 31, 2006

Small Business Networking: Improving Your Network

Growing your business has a lot to do with the effectiveness of your networking plans. These relationships are mutually beneficial and can bring you work and references for years. Here are the five top tips for improving your network.

Tips for Improving Small Business Networking

1. Set a Goal for New Contacts

Setting goals and objectives each year will help your reach your potential. One goal should be making a specific number of contacts during the year. New members in your network will help you grow your business while you help them grow theirs.

2. Utilize Business Cards

Business cards are an absolute must for the busy small business owner. You should have professional cards with you at all times since you never know when you might bump into a new contact.

3. Use Follow-up After Every Small Business Networking Opportunity

Always follow up with new prospects either by phone, email, or snail mail. Reminding them of your contact and showing interest will make a powerful impression.

4. Remember That Small Business Networking is a Two-Way Street

Networking is not a one-way street. Instead, you should always be open and willing to help other network members, and they should return the favor eventually.

5. Mail Flyers or Brochures To People You Know

Never come across as the pushy salesperson with people you already know. Instead of driving them crazy, mail a flyer about your business to everyone you know. You're not being pushy, so you will likely get much better results.

Learn more about expanding your small business network in the article, Small Business Networking – Tips for Improving Your Network (link above).

Blogged by Joshua Feinberg