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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

VAR Opportunities with Unlimited? is offeringa helping hand to VARs in the form of their new Unlimited Edition. The company is offering a program to assist VARs in making their customized applications and expertise more widely available.

The Unlimited Edition will sell for $195 per month and allow VARs to customize applications using the AppExchange applications and tools and sell those products more effectively.

The Unlimited Edition also allows VARs access to the company's Sandbox system that will allow them to test-run their applications in production mode before making them available for wider sale. Users will also receive 120 MB of storage and 2,000 custom objects.

According to George Hu, senior vice-president of, "I use the iPod analogy. You pay per song. Here you get access to a bigger container, more storage, more customization capacity---it's an odd phrase,but it means you can have more database tables, more custom tabs. And if I want to automate the HR process, I can buy it for $20 to $30 per month but maybe now instead I can build it on the platform myself or have an integrator build it and run it forever."

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