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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Small Business Computer Consultants – Getting Out the Word About Your Business

A positive reputation in your community is invaluable to your business. Getting out the word about you and your business can be most effective when using public measures to provide prospective clients with information about who you are and what you do.

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

As a computer consultant, you will be considered by most to be an expert. Writing newspaper and magazine articles for local publications will set you up as an expert in your area and will help prospective clients remember to call you when they need help.

Professional Journals

Submitting articles about current trends or new technology can spread your name outside of your local area. You should also make these articles available to your prospects so that they know your reputation.

Community Good Will

Donating time, goods, or services will immediately gain you respect from the community. People will think highly of you and your company when you give back. The donations do not have to be related to computers, but as long as your name is out there, people will know who you are.

Learn more about gaining respect in your community by reading the entire article (link above).

Submitted by Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit