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Monday, May 22, 2006

Computer Consulting 101 PC Troubleshooting Advice

In the middle of a problem, end users are likely to panic and completely lose any knowledge of how to treat their computers. If you are going to share one piece of advice with your clients, it should be this: Reboot your computer!

A multitude of woes can be saved by following this one simple step before panicking. Even if they've been working on an important document, chances are that the system has auto saved at least part of their work.

End users should exit out of all files and applications and then take the computer throughout the reboot sequence. Sometimes the computer will completely lock up, so they'll have to turn it off at the power button but the reboot sequence is better for the computer.

If you suspect that the problems are hardware related, then you should contact your professional computer consultant. To learn more about troubleshooting, read the entire article (link above).

Submitted by Joshua Feinberg