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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Computer Consulting: Don’t Market the 90’s Way

During the 90's certification was huge in the computer consultant profession. Formal partnerships were what sold, and consulting companies made sure everyone knew which companies they partnered with. Today, however, most consultants don't use that type of marketing as it makes them sound like extensions of a company's sales team.

Stick With What You Know

Since partner programs aren't as lucrative as they once were, you need to be branding and marketing yourself. There's no reason to put up partner logos everywhere; instead you should focus on becoming the best consulting firm possible.

Sticking to the products you know is key. When you're taking prospects through sales calls and qualifications, you are most likely to recommend the solutions you know best. If you're in a partner program for a service, you will be more likely to recommend that solution, but be sure to stay open to other solutions and options as you work with your customers.

Don't Become a Commodity

You can't sell based solely on price, because there's a good chance that another company can beat your price. Instead, you must add value to your services so that buying from you rather than from the discount store online is more lucrative. Sell based on benefits and services not products and cost.

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Submitted by Joshua Feinberg