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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

CORDA Technologies Partners With Two Government Systems Integrators (SIs)

The leading provider of enterprise dashboard solutions, CORDA Technologies, Inc. is sharing good news with investors and the public. They have signed two key government systems integrator (SI) partnerships with DataTech Enterprises, inc. (DTEi) and Milvets Systems Technology, Inc.

The Small Business Act (SBA) plan to have 23% of yearly deals awarded to small businesses. The government spend billions buying from private firms each year. They want to keep things equal between small and large businesses.

According to Tom O'Dea, chief revenue officer for Corda: "We have significantly improved our outlook and sales in SMB and government markets recently and have plans to continue our success. Both DataTech and Milvets are established providers in the government arena and we are excited to have them on board. For Corda to continue its current growth path in these arenas we are looking for partners, resellers and other SI's similar to DataTech and Milvets that strategically sell to these areas."

Find out more about the new partnerships in the complete article (link above).

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