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Friday, May 26, 2006

IT Spending: Your Clients’ Purchases Require Planning

You'll find as your start out as an IT consultant that your clients may be interested in spending a lot of money on things they simply don't need. Thus, as their virtual IT consultant, it's your job to help them plan their IT spending.

Here is a list of questions you need to discuss with your clients:

* Do your clients have written technology budgets and plans for the year?

* If so, what happens if they don’t use up their technology budgets during a given year?

* What kind of advanced planning goes into how clients acquire PC-related hardware assets?

* Do you discuss anticipated support costs (or at least antici-pated support headaches) before recommending new PC purchases?

* Do your clients’ major technology purchases usually follow on the heels of a great year or
great quarter?

* Have any of your clients regretted making a hasty PC hard-ware purchase, because it
turned out to be an extremely un-reliable system or very difficult to support and

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Blogged by Joshua Feinberg