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Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's Back To The Drawing Board For 802.11n Wireless Standard

The working group is going back to the drawing room after plans for the new 802.11n wireless standard wasn't ratified earlier this week.

Greg Raleigh, CEO of wireless chipset vendor Airgo, said, “[The] outcome proves that Draft 1.0 was not as stable as some in the industry would have us believe. It calls into question the validity of so-called ‘draft n’ products."

The board will be sharing comments and using feedback to make changes so that the issues can be taken care of. In order for the standard to be ratified, 75% of the board must agree in the vote; less than half agreed this time.

lan Varghese, principal analyst for wireless semiconductors at ABI Research, in a recent report said, "There will be wide variability between them, and true interoperability between vendors is still wishful thinking. Consumers and business users should be wary about their purchases, at least [until] final ratification of the standard, which is expected sometime in 2007."

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Posted by Computer Consulting Kit