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Thursday, May 18, 2006

MacResQ Announces New MacBook and MacBook Pro Services

MacResQ is successful in many areas, but now they are offering advanced services for their MacBook and MacBook Pro customers. The services will be available worldwide and are expected to assist Mac users since finding a technician who specializes in Macs can be difficult.

The laundry list of services they provide include LCD Screen Repairs, Hard Drive Upgrades, Memory Upgrades, and Diagnostic Services. When offering services or performing upgrades, the company will send a PowerBox to the customer’s location in the continental U.S. via overnight courier to pickup the unit for overnight delivery back to the MacBookResQ service center. MacBookResQ will receive the unit and make the changes. Some services such as hard drive upgrades are guaranteed to be finished overnight.

According to Ryan Arter, President of MacBookResQ, "With the recent release of the MacBooks and MacBook Pros it was a logical progression for us to begin offering these services and repairs. We have already received a number of MacBook Pros in for hard drive and memory upgrades, even before our new division launch. We have thrived on servicing Apple’s Out-of-Warranty PowerBooks and iBooks, and moving forward we will continue to provide a sensible solution for MacBook and MacBook Pro users who need upgrades or repairs not covered by AppleCare."

Learn more about MacResQ's services in the full article (link above).

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