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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Marketing Tips for Your New Consulting Firm

When you're starting out, creating your own niche is imperative. You want to specialize in a certain area so that your clients will know that you have experience and expertise in their exact needs.

Once you have decided exactly which businesses you want to target, you need to begin finding clients. Referral marketing is often the best way. Let your peers know you are in business and would appreciate referrals, and you'll be thrilled with the great leads that come your way.

Having quality materials to leave with your clients is essential. A great tool is a questionnaire that helps both you and the company assess their IT needs. If you get this information first, then you will be able to center your presentation on their needs.

Learn more about the marketing that will get your firm up and running in the article, Marketing tips for getting your new consulting firm up and running (link above).

Added by Joshua Feinberg