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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New MPC Computers Division Aims For Custom System Space

After noticing the growth of the customer computer industry, MPC has decided to take the step into the market. The company's new division, DirectCM, plans to provide custom manufacturing and distribution to OEMs, system integrators, and solution providers.

Ross Ely, vice president of marketing for DirectCM, says, "We've seen over the years that the custom PC business is always a big part of the market. But we also know that the smaller system builders have trouble competing in price with the likes of Lenovo and Dell."

Ely also explained exactly how the system would work: Custom system suppliers can order barebones servers, desktop PCs, and notebook PCs from DirectCM for final configuration at their own offices, or they can order complete systems that can be drop-shipped to the customer.

Does this sound like something you could benefit from? If so, read the entire article (link above) for more information.

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