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Monday, May 22, 2006

Operating An On-Site Computer Repair Service – How to Generate Recurring Business

When you are running an on-site computer repair service, you are operating a very specialized industry. Although this might sound like good news, it can actually mean that your monthly income is unsteady. In order to be successful, you need to be able to generate recurring business.

Direct Mail

Customers often forget to take care of their equipment and businesses appropriately. They may even forget about you. So, you need to take a moment to remind them of your services. From postcards to remind companies about you to thank you notes after working with a company, direct mail can greatly increase your success.

Phone Surveys

You should also find reasons to phone previous clients every once in a while. A great way to do this is to call and request a phone survey on your last work with them. While getting their feedback, you'll also be reminding them of your services.

Office Visits

Clients appreciate visits from their on-site computer repair service. You could bring in a special snack or coffee for the office staff. These small tokens can make a lasting impression and remind customers of your services.

Learn more about generating recurring business in the complete article (link above).

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