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Monday, May 08, 2006

Partnering: Does It Make Sense For Your Project?

When you come across a project that you can't handle yourself, partnering can be the best solution. Before you make the leap, though, carefully evaluate your options and needs. If you do decide it's best, here are a few tips.

Telling the Clients

You can tell your client, “While we don’t have anyone on staff who does that task, we do have another company in the local area that we work with on a regular basis that I strongly recommend. We’ve worked with them together on two projects in the past. I’ll be happy to bring them in and coordinate everything to make sure that you have full coverage.” Make sure you come up with a good timeline for all parties before deciding to partner.

Project Logistics

You should always try to do at least 50% of the project yourself. If you discover that one of your people could do 95% of the project with just a day or two of training, then you may decide that the cost of the training outweighs the benefits, especially if it's a large project with skills that you may need again.

Be sure to prepare and create timelines and plans on your own to share with your partners. Also be sure to evaluate whether having partners on the project is really the right choice for you.

Learn more about partnering and how to decide whether it will work for your project by reading the entire article (link above).

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