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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

PC Repair Businesses – How To Generate Recurring Revenue

Starting a PC repair business is often very simple, but there's a lot of competition out there. Generating recurring revenue is key to creating a successful, long-lasting business. Since you can't count on clients' machines breaking every month, you need to find other ways to generate ongoing income.

Regular Maintenance

Many organizations can profit from regular maintenance on their machines and networks. You can have clients pay you yearly or each time that you perform the service. You may also want to create a contract so that they pay you a set fee each month.

Publishing Articles

You can be a great resource for local newspapers and magazines. Often you can find publications that will publish a monthly or even weekly advice column. Although you may not be paid for this work, you will get free advertising from the articles.

Public Speaking

Schools, businesses, and social groups are always looking for someone to speak to students. You can speak for free to gain experience and once you are more comfortable with public speaking, you can begin charging a fee. You can also create seminars for the community. You will quickly become an expert after offering valuable public speaking seminars.

Learn more about creating ongoing revenue for your PC repair business by reading the full article (link above).

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