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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Head To Head: Can Novell SUSE Linux Take On Microsoft Windows Vista?

With the Windows Vista release on hold again, other vendors are having the opportunity to sport their operating systems, and customers are taking notice. Novell is preparing to confront Microsoft head-on by offering a less expensive OS with more features: the SUSE Linux OS.

The biggest question is whether customers will make the change from their old friend, Microsoft, and consider their rival, Novell. With the Linux OS ready to be released in July, though, the company at least has the advantage of a head start.

Small business owners will likely be thrilled with the cost of Linux Enterprise OS as it may come in around $50 in a bundled group as compared to the staggering cost of Windows XP, around $500.

James Huang, a product manager for Amax Information Technologies, pointed out one serious problem: "The new Novell solutions will be good for people who cannot spend a ton of money on Vista-based systems. But somebody has to support it. Who’s going to stand behind it?" When Microsoft stops supporting XP, though, they may begin losing a lot of customers, and the support for Linux may rise according to some experts.

Learn more in the complete article (link above) about Novell SUSE Linux and its bid to become the new OS for small businesses everywhere.

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