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Friday, June 09, 2006

IT Network: Faxing Capabilities

Small business owners make like what they hear from you, but they will often want a second opinion. The best thing you can do is get to the bottom of their resistance so that you can convince them of their need for your IT networking services.

One of the greatest IT networking needs for many small businesses is the need to automate the faxing services. When people are constantly having to stand around the fax machine to watch what comes through and make sure that it doesn't jam, productivity slows immensely.

Ask the following questions about IT networking needs to determine whether this is an area where you can assist the company:

• How many people in the office send faxes regularly?
• What’s the average number of pages in each person’s fax?
• Does each person typically create a cover page to go along with each fax?
• How many faxes a day are sent out?
• How often are people sending the same fax to multiple recipients?
• How far away is the fax machine from most people’s desks?
• How many hours are wasted on a daily basis with people waiting around to send outgoing faxes? How many hours does this translate into annually? What’s the average hourly wage of the people impacted by this productivity issue?

To learn more about upgrading faxing capabilities and increasing your clients' productivity, read the entire article (link above).

Submitted by Joshua Feinberg