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Friday, June 16, 2006

IT Reentry Strategies; Joshua Feinberg Interviewed

Joshua Feinberg was recently interviewed by Monster Tech Jobs Expert, Allan Hoffman. Allan's article discusses the challenges consultants faced when returning to IT consulting after a hiatus. Although difficult this task is not impossible.

Joshua shared his rather optimistic viewpoint with Hoffman: "Up to two years, returning to IT is very possible. Between two and five years, it's possible but difficult. More than five years, you'd be facing an uphill battle."

Hoffman also provided these important steps that consultants should take when reentering the IT field:

* Stay in close touch with your network.

* Retain your old technical skills and develop new ones while you're gone.

* Remain enthusiastic about IT consulting.

* Keep your motivation and initiative even while you're on hiatus.

To learn more helpful hints when reentering the IT field, read the full article (link above).

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