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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Juniper & Microsoft secure IPTV networks

Microsoft TV IPTV Edition just got a little safer. Juniper Networks has joined with Microsoft in a global agreement to secure the IP networks, specifically for service providers and their customers who use IPTV.

Microsoft will use Juniper's firewall and firewall intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) product platforms to protect users from worms, trojans, and other viruses. Additionally, Juniper will be offering support and consulting services.

Juniper has recently purchased several businesses in its move to provide more managed services. Those corporations include NetScreen, Peribit, Redline, and Funk Software. Christine Heckart, general manager of marketing for Microsoft TV, says, "Juniper delivers a unique security solution for the IP infrastructure that will add a layer of network security and enable operators to more reliably utilise IP networks to deliver a range of next-generation television services and experiences."

Learn more about the agreement between Juniper and Microsoft when you read the entire article (link above).

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