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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Microsoft Wins Best Telematics Solution Award at Telematics Detroit 2006

Microsoft not only wants to rule the PC world but apparently, they're ready to take over the automotive software industry as well. "The Microsoft(R) Windows Mobile(R) for Automotive platform was named Best Telematics Solution at the Telematics Detroit 2006 conference and exhibition." Microsoft made their announcement today.

Windows Mobile for Automotive was highly rated for its reliability, flexibility, and fast time to market. Additionally, users found that the system was easy to use and upgrade. They also agreed that it is affordable.

Ven Pedro, event director for Telematics Detroit 2006, said, "People spend a large amount of time in their vehicles, and telematics is changing part of peoples' lives for the better. The more the industry matures, the more this technology will filter down from the high end into the mass market and change driving for everyone, forever. The winning companies in the 2006 awards have achieved a lot in the past year and are taking strides to make this future a reality."

According to Mark Spain, director of the Automotive Business Unit at Microsoft: "We are honored to receive the Best Telematics Solution Award for Windows Mobile for Automotive. At Microsoft, our focus is to help motorists stay connected with the people, information and entertainment they want, with enhanced safety features and convenience. We're delighted with progress we have made, but this is just the beginning. The advances in software and technology are taking us into a new era of rich, personalized in-car experiences unlike anything we've seen before."

Learn more about Microsoft's advances in the automotive industry as well as updated news on other Microsoft projects when you read the full article (link above).

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