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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Microsoft Fighting Piracy

Sick and tired of piracy, Microsoft is now fighting back, particularly in the U.K. With Office 2007 being released early next year, Microsoft is getting its ducks in a row. They currently believe that as much as 63% of the software used in Britain is counterfeit.

In order to put an end to all the piracy, Microsoft has begun doing research on the amount of piracy occurring. Thanks to all the piracy in the country, the starting numbers for the company’s loss runs around $250 million. The company is currently suing at least one reseller for piracy.

According to Michala Alexander, head of anti-piracy for Microsoft UK: "The problem is phenomenal. In April, we set up a website, Office Genuine Advantage, to allow users to go online to validate their Office software. So far, 4,000 people have attempted to validate their software with 63 percent discovering they were running an illegal copy."

Learn more about Microsoft’s crackdown when you read the full article (link above).

Submitted by Computer Consulting Kit