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Monday, July 31, 2006

Networking Events - Use Your Time Wisely

There’s a big difference between networking and networking efficiently. When you attend an event, you want to quickly determine whether the person you’re speaking with falls into the “sweet spot” category. To make it easier, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is this person part of your small business target market?
2. Is he or she a decision maker or influencer?
3. Does this business have the potential to become a regular, long-term client?

While at an event, don’t waste your time talking to big banks, Fortune 1000 companies, organizations with large in-house IT departments, and government or non-profits. None of these companies will provide real opportunities for you so bypass them.

Instead, look for small business owners and managers - the decision makers. You should ask certain questions so that you can effectively determine whether this person or company is a real prospect. Try these questions:

* What kind of systems do you have?
* Do folks use a lot of computers at your office?
* Do you have a network?
* What kind of network do you have?
* How many people are on the network?

If the company does seem to be a real prospect, then you need to determine whether you’re talking to the right person. A simple question like “What systems do you use?” can help you quickly determine whether you’re talking to the right person.

Learn more about networking efficiently in the full article (link above).

Blogged by Joshua Feinberg