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Friday, August 18, 2006

IT Marketing: Join Organizations to Build Relationships

Joining local and national organizations will help you build relationships with future clients. Take a look at the most common organizations computer consultants join:

  • General Business Organization: This could be a chamber of commerce, the Rotary or Kiwanis. Additionally, it could be a group like Le Tip or BNI or a lead club. The group isn’t targeted for a single type of business; it's just a group where you're going to find a lot of other small business owners and managers.

  • User Group: If you decide to specialize in installing Windows-based networks, you may want to look around for a Windows server type of user group. If someone on staff wants to specialize in security, look for a security user group. Thus, you can meet people who have similar interests that are either consultants or like-minded IT professionals.

  • Targeted Business Organizations/Trade Groups: These are the clients you’re looking for. If it is in the medical field, you may be looking at medical organizations. Find out what kind of events are coming up, whether there's an expo, and whether they have a newsletter you can obtain.

Learn more about joining organizations to build relationships in the full article (link above).

Posted by Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit