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Friday, August 11, 2006

IT Marketing: Measuring the Response

Tracking and measuring your progress is an essential part of the IT marketing process that many people overlook. Some of the best ways to chart the effectiveness of each method are extremely simple:
  1. Drive them to a specific URL so that you know how many people went to the website.
  2. Ask them when you talk to them on the phone where they heard of you.
  3. Have them call a specific phone number with a request.
  4. Use different response vehicles with different marketing vehicles. For example, the postcards offer a reduced price IT audit and the newspaper ad offers a free seminar.

Once you get some real numbers, you are on your way to success. If you got a 2% response on 1,000 postcards, you might get 17 inquiries with two leading to business. If that business equaled $19,700 in the first year, then you made a great return on your business.

Learn more about measuring the response in the complete article (link above).

Submitted by Computer Consulting Kit