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Friday, August 04, 2006

IT Specialist: Why Narrow It Down?

Computer consultants trying to start a business often can’t imagine why you would ever turn away a potential client. Narrowing your clientele and services, however, will be the key to your success.

Find a niche and stick with it. It’s easier to market to a niche since you can advertise in trade publications without having to waste precious marketing money on a generic ad in the Yellow Pages.

Plus, you can easily speak directly to your niche. If you’re working with medical offices, you can speak of your experience in that area, and you’ll be much more likely to find interested customers. And, you’ll always know where to find your prospects since you can attend events focused on medical doctors and make connections.

Learn more about finding a niche to grow your business by reading the entire article (link above).

Posted by Computer Consulting Kit