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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Microsoft overhauls Windows security

With all the security problems Windows has had over the years, experts are skeptical that they will have fixed them all. There will still be problems; people will still find holes; but at least Microsoft is trying to take a step forward.

In order to find out just how well their new Vista system will hold up, Microsoft is presenting it to experts and hackers at the Black Hat Briefings this week. How well the system holds up there will determine whether Vista’s ready to come on the market.

Making the new Windows Vista more secure is primarily about making it easier for user’s to control the security features. One important change is allowing administrators to block potential downloads by just entering a password instead of logging out and logging back in as an administrator.

The only problem with the new security and Vista in general is that it has boxes popping up all over the place! Test users have found that they constantly have boxes showing up on the screen from Vista and other programs. Let’s just hope everything’s fixed by January.

Learn more about the new Windows Vista security system when you read the entire article (link above).

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