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Monday, October 17, 2005

How to Get More Steady Long-Term Computer Consulting Clients

Do most of your customers only call you when something breaks? And then expect you to drop EVERYTHING and run right over?

If this describes your current state of affairs, it may be difficult to see the forest through the trees. But there IS a better way... a MUCH better way in fact.

It's all about getting your consulting firm more steady, longer-term clients... that value the ongoing relationship with your firm, see your firm as an extension of their business, and are more-than-willing to sign-on for a long-term, virtual IT, service contract arrangement.

And that's why I'm always happy to see computer consultants that stand up for themselves, while taking on a more professional and assertive role, to get those ultra-critical service contracts signed with local small businesses.

I got a message a few weeks back from a small computer consulting firm in southern Michigan. The owner, Greg Brewer, wanted to give us a heads-up on how his company,
that provides virtual IT services for local small businesses, has been able to get more steady longer-term clients. Why don't I just let Greg tell you in his own words...

"Dear Joshua, The Computer Consulting Kit really helped us frame what we were offering to our clients. It also helped us avoid many of the pitfalls that you point out. And the service contract section really helped get longer-term great clients, rather than one-shot-deal customers."
- Greg Brewer, Vowire, Brighton, Michigan

Greg makes a couple of key points that I don't want you to miss:

1) He talks about how "The Computer Consulting Kit really helped us frame what we were offering to our clients."

This is really important because SO many consulting firms just kind of drift around, aimlessly, without having a real plan, vision or framework. And then wonder why the don't have time to get their business more predictable or stable. Owning a consulting business requires that you have a plan, a vision, and a framework. If you don't have one, you can simply get this field-tested, PROVEN plan right here now at

2) Greg points out how he's been able to avoid various pitfalls. This is key because small business computer consulting is VERY different than most other kinds of small businesses. And when your time is worth $100/hour (or more), you can't afford to waste time on the ultra-common mistakes... ESPECIALLY when there IS a better way at

3) And finally Greg talks about how he's been able to side-step one-shot-deal customers, in favor of "longer- term great clients"... because of the service contract knowledge he now has from

If you're sick and tired of the one-shot-deal customers, and the ingrates, and the deadbeats, and the cheapskates, and the time-vampires, then it's time for you to stand-up and do something about it.

Learn how YOU can get more steady, high-paying clients, just like Greg has, as well as computer consulting business owners in all 50 United States, 8 Canadian provinces, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and some 31+ other nations around the globe.

And the best part... Thanks to our immediate, secure download facility, you can even get started within the next 10 minutes learning how you can get more steady, high-paying
clients at

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So stop wasting your precious time on one-shot-deal customers. And START learning how you can zero-in on, with laser-precision, the best, steady, high-paying clients in your area at

Best wishes,

Joshua Feinberg

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