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Monday, April 28, 2008

Get to IT Sales with Your Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches can be great tools to get you to IT sales. You need to say something quickly that will be remembered by those that hear it.

The general rule of thumb to think about when creating a good elevator speech is the idea of getting into an elevator on the 20th floor with a potential prospect for your computer consulting business and being able to talk about your business and have him/her talk about his/her business by the time you get to the first floor.

Your elevator speech should answer the question, “What do you do?”

Examples of Elevator Speeches to Get to IT Sales

These elevator speeches can help you effectively get prospects that might need your computer expertise to give you a card and ask further questions.

“I work for XXXX, a company that repairs, builds and upgrades computers.”

“I’m XXX with XXX and we make it our business to help small and mid-sized businesses learn how to get the best benefits out of their computers, the Internet and networking productivity.”

“Our service team specializes in on-site business service and networking solutions. We also provide consulting in the areas of network development and on-going maintenance.”

Don’t Forget about Benefits

Getting to IT sales means talking about benefits. Make sure you outline the unique benefits you offer to those with whom you speak. You need to talk eloquently about your business services and the network consulting you do and how you solve problems.

At the end of your elevator speech, you can also think about offering a “call to action” by asking them for an appointment for a consultation.

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