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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

News for IT Consultants: Managed Services Firm Singlefin Presents Free E-Mail Security System for Clients

Singlefin, a San Diego-based security and business services company recently announced it would be offering free e-mail filtering for a variety of businesses. This filtering service presents enterprise-quality anti-spam, anti-virus and technical support that matches services offered by IT consultants without necessary additional hardware or software. Companies making use of this filtering service do not need to change ISPs or e-mails.

Singlefin has been providing e-mail and security to companies like that offered by professional IT consultants since 2001 and enjoys a reputation as the largest e-mail filtering service across the globe. Singlefin filters five billion e-mail messages daily by using unique filters to stop viruses, spam and malware of all types before it gets to internal networks.

CEO of Singlefin Troy Getty states that is has been working as a security engine in a capacity similar to systems implemented by the most expensive IT consultants for free e-mail companies that include Juno, NetZero and BlueLight. The company supports over 10.5 million users and even more messages daily. So far there is no competition for business-grade tech support with instant results that costs nothing to operate. According to Getty, Singlefin offers e-mail filtering, filtering of instant messages, web filtering, anti-virus and anti-spam services. This is accomplished free of charge because of the redirection of DNS or MS records through Singlefin data centers and filters that only allow clean data through to customer networks. While the service is primarily made for businesses that have their own domain names, it does not require a change in current ISP or e-mail address.

IT consultants noted that the service does not use banner ads or e-mail marketing in order to help support its free nature, rather uses large amounts of free e-mail traffic to find spam and virus outbreaks and detect malware so users can feel protected. A certain number of business customers using this free service can choose to upgrade to paid services from the company that offer enhanced IM filtering, web filtering and even more e-mail protection. Many IT consultants have endorsed this free filtering system, stating it is a sophisticated and affordable alternative to other more expensive security filtering systems.

Created By: Joshua Feinberg