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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

RegularGuy Computer Consulting and the Fonality IP-PBX

Does your computer consulting business sell and service IP based phone systems?

Here’s an interesting press release that I came across that talks about Fonality, who makes IP-PBX systems for small businesses (SMB’s) and some its resellers like

RegularGuy Computer Consulting… a Washington state-based technology provider to small and medium size businesses (SMBs) in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Assemble Communications, an international communications company, with offices in North Carolina, Texas, South Africa and Singapore, providing data and voice services to residential and SMB customers.

NTouch (Austin, Texas), that provides telecommunications and IT products and services for SMBs through computer resellers and IT service providers.

US Network Management (West Palm Beach, Florida), a telecommunications and computer consulting company that provides networking and communications solutions to SMBs.

Full press release
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Posted by Joshua Feinberg for the Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit (tm)