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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Computer Business Lenovo Builds Strength Through Olympics

As the official computing partner of the 2006 Olympic Games, the computer business Lenovo is helping athletes keep up with training programs, friends and family, and manage their careers. The athletes are not the only ones benefiting from Lenovo computers; journalists, judges and all those supporting the Torino games are giving the computer company the chance to be globally recognized, and only a year after the Chinese company bought out IBM’s personal computer business.

Thanks to the Olympic Partnering Plan, Lenovo is enjoying a rare worldwide marketing opportunity by providing athletes and other game-goers with hardware, and infrastructure that is helping to provide information and support for all involved in the event. Approximately 5,000 Lenovo desktop PCs, 350 servers and almost 1,000 notebook computers are running the four main programs of the Games -- Games Management Systems, Games INFO 2006 System, Venue and Central Results System, and Commentator Information System. Together, these programs are helping run everything from judge’s scoring to personal emailing capabilities.

The Olympic Village in Torino, Italy is host to seven high tech Internet lounges, accessible to athletes, trainers, coaches, judges and journalists. Lenovo is also maintaining a Champions Blog maintained by 11 Olympic athletes from the United States, Slovenia, Norway, Germany, and China that have agreed to participate in a special drive to build worldwide unity by reporting on their experiences. The side benefits for Lenovo have been increased brand awareness and a new push for their business.

The Olympic Games are not just one big marketing campaign for the company. Lenovo gave the opportunity for 100 Lenovo employees to travel to Torino to take part in the excitement of the game and hopes the experience will boost company morale.

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