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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

IT Audits: How to Handle Prospects

When you make an initial sales call to a prospect, unless they have an immediate emergency for you to handle, you really want to try to push IT audits. IT audits and half-day technology assessments are the perfect way to introduce a potential long-term client to your IT services. There are several approaches you can take when selling IT audits.


If you’re looking to grab your prospect’s attention quickly and memorably, a stripped-down, free version of an IT audit might be the way to go. Go in and sit down with your client for half an hour and give them a basic list. If you spend any more time than half an hour, and start to look at details such as hubs, switches or any equipment lay-out or configurations, you are well beyond the limits of what would be considered reasonable for a free assessment. While giving a prospect the feeling that they are getting something valuable for free from you is important in building the foundation of a great business relationship, you should still work within the limits of what is cost-effective for you. Value your services, and your client will too.


If you start to enter the realm of more thorough IT audit involving equipment analysis and anything else more detailed, bill your prospect. Even if you offer your prospect a free tech assessment or IT audit over the phone, make it clear what is involved, and set up a rate in case you run into a situation on the spot where your client wants more than originally agreed upon.

Created By: Computer Consulting Kit