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Saturday, February 18, 2006

IT Audits: What Do Clients Seek?

Performing IT audits for clients means identifying their issues and providing solutions. The key to uncovering problems is anticipating questions they will ask during the audit.


Your main question, as the one conducting the IT audit is, “What are prospective clients seeking?” The truth is, their needs have not really changed in quite some time. The main thing they want during the audit is guidance on what they should buy. They want to know what platform and product will best work with their specific set-up and what will give them the best value. Your job is to spend several hours assessing their situation to determine what they have and what they will need. Your main job is to map a plan to coordinate different products and platforms that will specifically address their business issues.


Your potential customers might also want to gain other information and services from you when you conduct IT audits, including the following:

1. Informal and formal training that includes end user training and administrator training.
2. Coordination of routine and scheduled upgrades to their systems.
3. Contact with outside vendors for installation of a package specifically designed for their industry.
4. Network installation and maintenance.

Regardless of what a client needs or wants, the main thing they seek is one place that can take care of all their issues easily and efficiently. As their technology advisor, they want to be able to rely on you and put their faith in you in the same way they would depend upon a legal advisor or a marketing consultant. IT audits can give your potential clients faith in you and determine what they will need from you in the future.

Posted By: Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit