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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Solution Provider: Apple Computers Revolutionizes iPod

A Mac fan site announced that Apple Computers, Inc. is close to finishing a new iPod model that would incorporate a touch screen instead of the usual click wheel that currently navigates the device. Think Secret, the site that revealed the new plans, stated that the revamped video iPod would have a 3.5-inch screen that would encompass the entire front surface area of the media player. It would also be a solution provider for some of the problems users have had with the traditional wheel.

The new iPod will apparently feature a navigating wheel that appears on the screen when the user touches it, and go away as soon as the person’s finger is removed. Apple has been working on this digital navigating tool with several other companies, but is looking to have exclusive licensing rights to the device that will keep it out of competitors’ reach for a while.

While Apple declined comment, the fact that they filed for a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Cupertino, CA last week for the new touch screen raises serious suspicion.

Think Secret has, for a long time anticipated new Apple technology and reported it publicly on their website. In fact, in 2005, Apple sued the company for revealing unreleased products, including the solution provider for the budget-conscious, the under-$500 iMac. The lawsuit is still pending.

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