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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Computer Franchises and Employee Training

Computer repair franchises cannot run properly without wel-trained employees. Computer repair franchises can choose to train employees in three different ways: through the franchisor; through the franchisee; or through the Internet. Franchises should be made aware of all the options and remember that their employees are representative of a client’s first impression of the business.


This option involves training by the owner of the franchise, and requires a full commitment on the part of the franchisee from the beginning. If you are looking into buying a computer repair franchise and intending to train your own employees, you have to make learning how to train them a part of your start-up plan. Go to your franchisor and have him teach you how he trains employees of the company; it will help you be prepared to monitor your employees daily and have more control over your business.


Some franchisors offer training materials, videos and workbooks for all employees and prospective employees along with, in some cases certification programs. These programs help employees conform to standards of the company. Owners and managers need to be prepared to also complete these certification programs, a process that will help maintain employee standards for computer repair franchises.


Online training programs provide computer repair franchises with a great deal of flexibility. Tests can be given to employees when they have time to process the information fully and franchisors can more easily monitor who has taken the tests and how well these people are doing. Internet training is very valuable because it will help gauge areas that need improvement and areas that are strong.

The important thing to remember when training employees is that they need feedback and attention on a regular basis. Regardless of what training option is used, the prospective owner must be prepared to take full responsibility for staff supervision. There is no more valuable asset to a computer repair franchise than a well-trained staff.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg